Monday, September 30, 2013

Marty McGuire--Global Read Aloud--Day 1!

We were so excited to get started reading Marty McGuire by Kate Messner today! 

Last week we had done some predicting about the book with our buddy classes and couldn't wait to finally dive into this book.

Today we listened online to chapter 1 and were introduced to some of the characters.  We met, Marty, Veronica Grace, Annie and Mrs. Aloi.  We also spent some time talking about what we learned about the characters from the first chapter.  Here are our thoughts...
Many of our classmates have already decided that they don't like Veronica Grace very much because she is so bossy.  If you are also reading this story, we'd love to hear what you think about the characters too!
Happy reading!


  1. Hello from 3B!

    We started to read Marty McGuire today. We are also excited to read this book.
    Our first impression of the characters was very similar to yours.
    We all agree that Veronica Grace is bossy and doesn't seem to treat her friends very nicely. We labelled Marty as a typical Tom Boy. Mrs. Aloi seems funny and we like the way she uses her maracas.

    Here are some of our suggestions as to how we could connect with you while we continue to read this book:
    1) Read a chapter together
    2)Listen together online
    3) Write to each other about the book
    4) Skype

    Thanks for blogging, we look forward to hearing more from your class!

    Miss Foster's Class

    1. Dear Miss Foster's class,
      Those are great ideas to read Marty McGuire together. We also think it's awesome the way Mrs. Aloi uses her maracas. We are excited about sharing this book with you.

      Your neighbors, The Party Wolves

  2. I liked the characters that you piked because their important .Why do you like the story? Did you know that they had a pet named Sparky and it was a raccoon? I saw a raccoon once. I saw it crossing the road. It was black and white.


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