Friday, September 20, 2013

Kicking Off Daily 5 with Read to Self

A big part of our reading work is done through Daily 5.  From the very first day, our class has been doing "Read to Self".  Reading to ourselves is very important because it helps us to become better readers.  We always talk about what Read to Self should sound, look and feel like.  We made an "I-chart" to help us remember our important job.

During Read to Self we...
~ get started right away
~ choose a good place to sit (away from distractions)
~ take our book boxes that have "good fit books"
~ stay in one spot
~ read quietly
~ read the whole time

On the first day of school, we did Read to Self for 3 minutes.  Was that ever a short time!  Since then, we have been working on increasing our stamina.  Every day this week, we tried to see how long we could go before someone broke our stamina.  This chart shows how we have done over the past 2 weeks--isn't our growth impressive?

When we do Read to Self, we can choose where to sit.  Some people choose some pretty interesting places and positions.  Here you can see some of our classmates while they are doing Read to Self.

We were wondering...

Have you heard about Daily 5 and Read to Self before?
How long is your reading stamina?


  1. Nice job keeping your reading stamina up for 24 minutes!
    We have pretty much the same rules for read to self. Our reading stamina was 25 minutes, but yesterday we had troubles with our voice levels on buddy reading. Our favorite picture was the boy sitting next to the sink. We think some of your reading places are crazy also. We have some crazy places too. Sometimes we read under the table. What is your reading stamina goal? We have a challenge to read 30 books each this year. Do you? Mrs. Cryer's Global Read Aloud Class

    1. To Mrs. Cyer's class,
      Thank you for replying to our post. We loved hearing that you also do Read to Self and Read to Someone. We started Read to Someone this week. Everyone in our class has a bit of a different idea of what our reading goal should be. It's neat that you have a 30 book challenge. That's something that we might talk about doing.

      We are excited to read Marty McGuire and do the Global Read Aloud with your class.

      Mrs. Braybrook and the Party Wolves


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