Websites We Use

In our class, we use many different websites to help us in our learning. 

Wonderopolis gives us information about many different topics.
          Check out this webmix of cool topics!

Dance Mat Typing -- this website helps us practice our keyboarding skills

Raz Kids -- we use this site to "Listen to Reading" during Reader's Workshop

Research Webmix -- this collection of websites help us to research many different topics.

Discovery Word Search Puzzlemaker -- we use this website to create our own word searches
Spelling City -- we can find our teacher's lists and do activities with each list
Wordle -- this is a fun website to use to make "word clouds"

Mathletics -- we use this website to practice our math skills (username and password required)
Ten Frame Game -- this is a great activity to help us practice thinking in 10
Math Songs webmix
Math Videos webmix
Skip counting games: Skip count by any number; More skip counting activities

Writing Tools -- this webmix has many different tools to help us write using the computers

To practice using vivid verbs, we've tried these games: Ice Cream Talk; Pick-It Verbs; Verbs in Space ; Verb Jeopardy; Starship Verbs; Verb Match-Up

Social Studies
National Geographic Kids: India -- we use this website to find out more information about India
Charity Organizations webmix
Weather Network
India -- webmix of videos

Discovery Education -- This site has videos, information and games on the following topics: dinosaurs, science, animals, space, earth, pets, sports, holidays, food, health and history.
Rocks and Minerals webmix
Hearing and Sound webmix
Animal Life Cycles webmix


  1. Dear Miss braybrook
    It is fun haveing you and MissV for a .teacher

    1. I forgot to reply to this Alexa! We are enjoying having you in our class too! Helping you and all of the kids learn is a lot of fun for us.

      Mrs. Braybrook

  2. I like you and Miss V as a teacher

    From Ava

    1. Hi Ava! Thanks for leaving us such a nice comment. It's wonderful to have great kids like you in our class!

      Mrs. Braybrook

  3. Thank you for replying
    From Ava


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