How to write an AWESOME comment!

Writing a great blog comment is easy when you follow these steps...

1.  Read the blog post VERY carefully.

2.  Start your comment with a GREETING.  (For example, "Hi Braybrook's Bunch!")

3.  Make your first sentence a COMPLIMENT...something you enjoyed...and be specific!  ("That's cool!" is not specific!)

4.  If you know some, SHARE other interesting facts or information but make sure no one else has already shared the same information in another comment.

5.  Try to make a asking a question, which will get a conversation going.

6.  Check to make sure you don't have any spelling, punctuation or capitalization mistakes.

7.  Sign your FIRST name only!

8.  From the "Comment as" drop down menu, it's easiest to choose the "Name/URL" option.  You don't need to put anything in the URL section.

9.  Click on the PUBLISH button and you're done!  (You can preview it before publishing if you like.)

Here's a great video by Mrs. Yollis' class about writing an AWESOME comment...

Thanks to Mrs. Lirenman and Mrs. Renton for their help in writing these instructions.


  1. These pictures of you all by the Christmastree show what a happy bunch you are! I wish you all a very happy, fun and learning filled New Year.

  2. Hi' Mr.s braybrook its Dreya I hope you are having a good time at your new job at the at the school .I'm happy for you Mr.s BrayBrook I,m a little sad that you are not our teacher know. P.S you are definitely my favourite teacher in the hole wide world.

    1. Hi Dreya,
      Thanks for the kind comment! I am enjoying my new job but I do miss my Braybrook's Bunch a lot. It is still great that I can pop in and see you guys and I see you on the playground too. Hope you are still working hard!

      Mrs. Braybrook


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