Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The New "Braybrook Bunch"

It was wonderful to meet the newest "Braybrook Bunch" today!  As you can tell, they can be serious and cute...
...or a bunch of monkeys!

We had a wonderful day of getting to know each other, sharing stories and starting to learn the routines of grade 3.  One of the activities we did, had each child contribute to a poster that had a question or fill-in-the-blank sentence.  There were definitely some interesting responses!

I also shared the "What Inspires You?" Wonderopolis post with the students.  I encouraged them to be curious and ask questions.  We've started a Wonder Wall in our classroom where students can post things that they are wondering about.

After a busy first day, I asked each student what their favorite part of the day.  Click here to see what they had to say.

And now onto day 2!

We were wondering...

What was the best thing you remember about grade three?
What inspires you?
What do you "wonder" about?

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