Thursday, September 12, 2013

Building our Classroom Community

It's been a busy couple of weeks as our class works toward building our learning community.  We've done lots of "getting to know you" activities and working with partners.

In one of our activities, the students were put into groups of 4 or 5, given two pieces of tin foil and 20 pipe cleaners and told to "work together to create something".  Everyone had fun sharing ideas (and frustrations!) and working together to create a masterpiece.  In these pictures you can see what each group's final creation looked like.  Aren't they impressive?!?

We also learned a little bit about voting, elections and candidates when we got to choose our class mascot.  First, our teacher read us "Vote for Duck" by Doreen Cronin.

Then the candidates for our class mascot were introduced.  There was a walrus, polar bear, wolf, raven and caribou to choose from.  After listening to their speeches, it was time to go to the polling station.  We even had official Elections Canada materials to use.  Here you can see one of our classmates finishing his voting duty.


And we were so excited when our teacher counted up the votes...Sam the wolf won!  We also chose a class name and we will now be known as the "Party Wolves".  We now end every day with three cheers for the Party Wolves and a big howl!  

We were wondering...

What do you think of our tin foil and pipecleaner creations?
What animal would you have chosen as a mascot?  Why?


  1. Hi Party Wolves,

    I really liked your creative tin foil and pipecleaner creations.It can be difficult to work together to make new things, but it is clear that you are great at cooperation.

    My Grade 6 students are learning about voting too, so I really liked how you chose your mascot. It looks like you are having a great start to Grade 3!


    Mrs. Rutschke
    Grade 6 teacher
    Caroline School

    1. Hi Mrs. Rutschke,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. Makayla says "it's pretty easy when you try to work together." We had a lot of fun making those creations.

      Rai says "Maybe you could try voting for a mascot, like we did?" Jess says "We learned that our parents vote just like we did."

      We hope you have a extraordinary year with your grade 6 students.

      The Party Wolves

  2. Hello, Mrs. Braybrook and the Party Wolves!

    Our class was checking out your blog on Friday. We really liked all the creative ideas you came up with for your foil projects. My students were also VERY interested in your decision to have a classroom mascot. I think we will be talking about this more. :) The name for your classroom is a good choice I think. From your class photos, you look like a fun and energetic "pack"!

    We are just getting going on our blog and I have been using your blog to help my class become familiar with blogging. Mrs. Braybrook, I liked your information you had for blog guidelines and how to make a comment. I have "borrowed" some of it for my blog.

    We hope to keep in touch with you throughout the year.

    ~Mrs. Machell
    Grade 3/4 Class

    1. Hi Mrs. Machell!
      Thank you for looking at our blog. We would agree that we are a fun and energetic "pack". It's great that you were able to use our blog guidelines to help set up yours. We will be looking at your blog this week and will leave you a comment. We were wondering...what are your students like? Are they fun and energetic too?

      The Party Wolves


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