Friday, October 4, 2013

Pajama Day!

Our class has been working so hard and earned our first class reward this week.  After some discussion about options and a vote, it was decided that we wanted to have a pajama day to celebrate.  So today, we got to wear our pajamas to school and bring a small stuffed animal to hang out with.

We got to do Read to Someone with our stuffies, but before starting, we had to tell them all about how we do it.  Our stuffed animals were such good listeners and loved the stories we read to them.  The rest of the day, we did our work in the comfort of our pj's and with our stuffed animals close by. 

We finished the day with some pj class pictures and we hope you like them!

We were wondering...

Have you ever worn your pajamas to school?
What is your favourite stuffed animal?

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