Our Blogging Guidelines

Keeping ourselves safe online is very important to us.  Blogging is one way for us to practice the digital citizenship skills we have been learning. 

We ask that everyone follows these guidelines to ensure the safety of the students:

~ When identified, only student first names will be used.  (i.e. written by Jake)

~ Pictures of the classroom and students will not be identified.

~ Do not post any personal contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses.

~ Use only positive language.  Please celebrate our accomplisments with us!

~ Try to model correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Students learn best when they have good models to follow.

~ ALL comments are checked by Mrs. Braybrook before they are published on the blog.  Anonymous comments will not be published.

~ Parents who leave comments are asked to only use their first name, or as "             's Mom" so that the child can not be identified.

~ If you see something on the blog that you think shouldn't be there, please let Mrs. Braybrook know.

Not sure how to add a comment? 
Look for the comments word at the end of each post.  When you click on the word, you will be taken the screen where you can add your comment.  After writing your comment, you will need to type the secret anti-spam letters. 

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