Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Are "Fabulish"!

We are really enjoying our Peter Reynolds author study as part of the Global Read Aloud.  This week's book was "Ish".

Photo Credit: 101 Picture Books
In this book, the main character, Ramon, loved to draw...anytime, anything, anywhere.  But he got discouraged when his older brother laughed at his drawings and asked what they were.  Ramon started working harder to make his pictures "just right" but he usually failed at it, so he would crumple up his work.  His younger sister came along and rescued them and taught Ramon that his drawings were "ish" and how to love them again.
Here is a video of somone reading the book, so you'll understand the story:
We had our Family Wellness Worker, Miss Joy, come and do a lesson with us.  She loves this book and it's we all have "ish" qualities.  She also shared the inspiring story of two brothers (Connor and Cayden) and how Connor appreciates his brother's "ish" qualities.  Here's the video of these two brothers:
Then it was time for us to think about our "ish" qualities.  Miss Joy gave each of us a sheet that looked like this:
We had to put our name on the top line and then complete the sentence by writing on the bottom lines about what makes us fablous...although we changed the 'ous' to 'ish' to make the word "fabulish". 

The next step was to tape the paper to our backs.  We then went around to as many classmates as we could and wrote something on their paper that we thought made them "fabulish".  No one could look at their own paper though because it was taped to our backs.  Here are some pictures of us doing the activity:

Finally, when the time was up, we took our paper off of our backs and read what our classmates had written about what makes us "fabulish".  It was so amazing to see our page filled with comments from our classmates!

Here are some completed pages...just look at all of those comments!

We are also a bucket filling school and this activity really helped everyone to fill each other's bucket (and our own!)

We were wondering...

What makes you "fabulish"?
What are other ways to celebrate your "ish" qualities?


  1. What a "Ish" classroom. :) I would love to encourage the students to look for one "Ish" quality they see in everyone they meet this week!!! (and tell them you think they are fabulish!!!) - Miss. Joy.

  2. Thank you for reading the blog post and commenting, Miss Joy. Thank you for coming and doing those fun activities with us. We learned that we all have our own "ish" in different ways. It was really nice for you to teach us how to be nice to other people, is an "ishlly" way. We think you are "fabulish" because you help kids at our school and you are really nice.

    Braybrook's Bunch, also known as NeeVee's Nerds :-)

  3. Really nice to see the kids participating in an activity like this- wish we did more of this when I was in school!
    Alison Butler

  4. Your classroom is FABULISH because you all care for and respect one another. Way to go! ~Emerson's mom

  5. What a great activity! I love that everyone was able to see "fabulishness" in each other!
    Mrs. Jackson

  6. I see the good in people and help out as much as I can.
    I celebrate my ish qualities everyday by knowing what I am doing is hopefully making the people I help have a better day,month or year.

  7. What a great way to encourage each other. Each and everyone one of you are Fabulish in your own unique way!
    ~Taya's mom~

  8. Everyone looks to be having a great time! -Tristan's mom-

  9. Finn's Nanna in New ZealandOctober 30, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    Happy Halloween Braybrooksbunch from New Zealand where it is already Halloween but it is only 2pm on Thursday in Sundre as I write this. Happy Birthday to Finn who would be at school if he was here, it is 9am on Friday in New Zealand. I look forward to seeing Halloween pictures as I wonder if you'll be coming to school in Halloween costumes. I have just been to Perth in Western Australia for a holiday, it is 4am on Friday in Perth at the moment. Time Zones could be interesting to study as there are many in Canada but here in New Zealand we are all on the same time and we are the first country in the world to welcome in a new day. Have fun on Halloween. From Finn's Nanna.

    1. Finn says "Thank you for the greeting, thank you for saying Happy Birthday to me and Happy Halloween"! Right now (at 10 am on Friday), it is Halloween here and we will be dressing up in our costumes after lunch today. We will for sure post pictures later. We hope you had a good Halloween!
      (Finn says good bye Nanna...hope you have a good day!)
      a very scary group of Neevee's Nerds

  10. What a wonderful and positive activity for these fabulish kids to partake in! You go guys!


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