Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Fun

Like most other classrooms, we celebrated Halloween last Friday.  We did a spelling activity where we took the word "Halloween" and had to use the letters from that word to make as many other words as possible.  Some of the words we found were: all, we, on, no, owl, howl, whole, when, hall

We also explored the wonder -- Why Do You Say "Trick or Treat"? from Wonderopolis.  It was surprising to find out that we've been saying that for a long time!  In the video, it talks about the fundraiser that UNICEF does at Halloween to help children around the world.  Some students in our class and our school also participate in the We Scare Hunger campaign through Free the Children.  They collect non-perishable food for our Santa's Anonymous Program.  Last year, students from our school collected over 1000 pounds of food!

A couple of our local police officers also visited our classroom on Halloween morning.  They reminded us about Halloween safety and gave us special lit up bracelets for us to wear out trick or treating so we could be more easily seen.

Of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without costumes...check ours out...

Halloween was also a bit of a special day for us too because we got to meet Mrs. Vasseur.  Our teacher, Mrs. Braybrook, is going to be doing a different job in our school and Mrs. Vasseur is going to be our new teacher.  You can see them both dressed up in their costumes in this picture...

In the afternoon, we got to watch a movie with some of the other classes.  We sure laughed a lot!
The Dog Who Saved Halloween (2011) Poster
Photo Credit: IMDb

And that is how we celebrated Halloween at school this year.

We were wondering...

What did you dress up as?
How did you celebrate?

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