Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Global Read Aloud -- Week 1

It was exciting to start the Global Read Aloud this week!  Our class is doing the author study using books by Peter H. Reynolds.  The book we studied this week was "North Star". 
Cover of The North Star book by Peter H. Reynolds
In this story, a young boy is on a journey and there are many different paths to follow.  It reminded us that we need to follow our own path to reach our dreams.  We also talked about how the boy had to show many of the "classroom habitudes" that we've been learning about -- courage, adaptability, curiosity, self-awareness.

You can read the story online by clicking here

Photo Credit: Peter H. Reynolds website

What's really cool about participating in the Global Read Aloud, is that there are other classrooms all over the world who are also reading the same books.  Our teacher has buddied up with a grade 4 class in Illinois.  This week, we worked together to share what the book means to us.  We all posted our responses on this Padlet wall.  (Some of the posts cover other posts.  If you click on a post, you will see black/yellow arrows in the top right hand corner that you can use to scroll through each person's post.)  It was a pretty cool way to connect with the other students about this book.

We were wondering...

Have you read any of Peter H. Reynolds' books?
After you've read the book (using the link above), what would you say the book means to you?

We'd love it if you left us a comment sharing your ideas!

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