Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alberta Culture Day

Our school is one of many in the province that had special activities this week to celebrate Alberta Culture Day. 

Our first special event was a performance by the Foothills Brass quintet. They were wonderful to listen to.  They taught us a bit about the building blocks of music -- tone, rhythm, melody and harmony.  This video will show you little clips of the highlights from the performance.

Our other special event had us participating in a drumming workshop.  We all got to play djembe (gembay) drums.  We learned that they are a drum from West Africa, that is played with the bare hands.  (Many of us had sore hands by the end of the workshop!)  Mr. K., our drum teacher, told us to tell our parents that we had "slapped the goatskin", when they ask us what we did at school today.  In this video, you can see and hear us playing a few different pieces.

We all enjoyed the day, experiencing different types of music!

We were wondering...

Have you ever heard a brass quintet or djembe drums?
How do you celebrate arts and culture?

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