Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Group Challenges

It's been such a busy time!  We have been in school for a week now and it's been full of new experiences as we get settled into our new classroom.  For the first 3 days of school, we did a group challenge each day.  Each activity had us working with a few of our classmates to complete our teacher's task.

Group Challenge #1
Each group of 4 students was given some pipecleaners and two small pieces of tin foil.  Together, we had to use ONLY those materials to create something.  We shared ideas and when something didn't work, we had to figure out a solution together.  There were some very creative ideas!

Group Challenge #2
Our teacher told us the story about her friend Frankie the worm, who went out in a boat, without his life jacket on.  But when his boat capsized, Frankie had to get into his life jacket.  Each group of 3 students was given a gummy worm and a gummy lifesaver.  Our job was to work as a group to put Frankie's life jacket on him.  Sounds easy, right??  Well, the hard part was that we could only touch Frankie and the life jacket with a paper clip!  That's right...no hands!  We really had to cooperate in order to complete this challenge and we're happy to report that every group was able to save Frankie!

 Group Challenge #3
Our teacher definitely saved the hardest for last!  For this challenge, we were given some dry spaghetti and mini-marshmallows.  With only those two materials, we had to work together to create the tallest tower possible.  IT WAS HARD!  Many of the towers kept falling over.  One group had quite a tall tower but someone had to keep holding it, in order for it to stay up.  Check out our work...


We learned a lot about ourselves and our classmates during these challenges.  We've been learning about "classroom habitudes" and we really had to use many of them for these challenges -- perseverance, adaptability, courage, imagination and curiosity.

We were wondering...

What kinds of activities did you do with your new classmates?
What group challenges have you participated in before?


  1. Your challenges look hard, but fun! Thanks for sharing. It is really great to see the class "in action".

    1. Hi Alli's Mom! Thank you very much for commenting on our projects. You are right--they were hard, but fun. We do love to be in action! We hope that you will keep reading our blog.

      Braybrook's Bunch
      (also known as Neevee's Nerds)

  2. Your Challenges look fun and interesting ! I bet the class is having a fantastic time.

  3. What fun challenges! Looks like 2014-2015 is off to a great start!
    ~ Emerson's mom

  4. Love checking out what Finn is up to at school. We've shared this blog with our family back in New Zealand and his previous teacher and class. Hopefully they will get in touch so you can share some story's.
    ~ Finn's mum


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