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Geography Projects

We have learned about the land and water (the geography) of 4 different countries -- Peru, Ukraine, Tunisia and India.  After our learning, we worked with a partner to go deeper into a specific geographic feature of one of the countries.  We created a map of that country using clay.  This is called a topographical map.  We also did some more research and then worked collaboratively with our partner to write our paragraph using Google Drive.

Here are our final projects!

Peru -- Amazon Rainforest       

The Amazon rainforest is found in Peru.  The Amazon Rainforest stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the tree line of the Andes.  The Amazon Rainforest is the and most varied biological reservoir. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest Rainforest in the world.  It is also home to many animals like bats,jaguars,and piranhasIf you want to see wild nature you should visit Peru.

Ukraine Steppe region

The steppe region is found in Ukraine.  Grassy plains instead of sandy plains with rich black soil.  The forest steppe is margin to 300 mm.  Has been completely modified. Fields and fields of wheat and corn fields. Dominant On the dry pastures of the southern.  salinized soils following steppe or careless irrigation improper.  Eat bread with every me.  It is a amazing site to see.


Peru--Andes Mountain
The Andes Mountain are found in Peru. Mountain people make hats sweaters and gloves using wool from alpacas. People grow potatoes and vegetables.The Andes Mountains are very high.The land on the Mountains is not good for farming. It is a fun place.

 Peru -- Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest is the world's largest tropical rain forest. East of the mountains is the Amazon RainForest.  The world`s largest rainforest is the Amazon RainForest.  There are many river`s by the rain forest.  The rainforest has a lot of creatures and animals.  Some people live in the rain forest.They have to know what they can eat and what they can`t eat.  The people that live in the rainforest are not like other people.They dont have clothes like them.Or eat food like.  They eat Leaves, meat,fruit.  They sometimes have little family`s and big family`s. Peru is the best place you should visit.
 India -- Thar Desert

2000.000 square km territory.  2,5 metamorphic rocks formed. The grass from the main natural resources.  Cattle sheep camels.  However water is a scarce.  2000.000 square km of territory of thar deserts.

 Ukraine -- Crimea       

Crimea is in Ukraine and is hot and cold. Crimea is right beside the black sea.  Did you know that Russia and Ukraine are fighting over Crimea?  The sea of Azov cover about 10,400 square miles.
Yalta served as the scene of a historic conference of allied leaders during world war II , 1939 -1945.  Crimea food is tasty and very varied.  The population of Crimea is 2,033,1700.  It is a very nice place to visit.

 India -- Himalayan Mountains

Some of the highest mountains in the world are located in the Himalayan. It has some of the ten highest peaks. Heavy snow falls in the winter. Summers are cool. Women want to protect their trees by hugging them. You should go there because there is beautiful sights.

Ukraine--Carpathian Mountains
The Carpathian Mountains range measuring some 2061 m high. They are 5%of Ukraine.  It is a wonderful habitat for animals and humans.  The carpathian mountains Lakes and rivers.  The carpathian mountains also have glaciers and waterfalls. We say its beautiful.

 India -- Ganges River
The Ganges River is found in India. It is 1560 miles long. It starts at the Himalah and empties at the bay of bengal.

India -- Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is located in India.  The Thar Desert is also known as the great Indian Desert. Few people lived there for there was very little water. 77,000 square miles thats how much room the Thar Desert takes up. The Thar Desert has power plants. The Thar Desert precious minerals. Some women in the Thar Desert have to walk for water and walk for miles. There they get 10 inches of rain annually. The Thar Desert does spread over four states. There are camels cool. There are sheep there are sheep. There are ancient stone buildings. India Thar desert is a relaxing place, hot place.

Peru-- Amazon Rainforest

It has the largest tropical rainforest in the world.  Half is in Brazil.  It has 10% of the animals.  It has 40000 million plants.  There are dangerous animals. It is a very nice place to visit.

India -- Himalayan Mountains   
The Himalayan Mountains are found in India.  They don't just go through India but also Nepal.  The tallest mountain in the Himalayan Mountains is Mt. Everest, It is in Nepal. It is 8,848 m tall.  The tallest mountain in the Himalayan Mountains in India is Mt .Kanchanjunga. It is 8,598 m tall.
The Himalayan Mountains have big forests.  They are a really cool place to explore!

India Ganges River
India has the largest river. It is 1560 miles (2510)km. The Ganges starts at the Arabian Sea and ends at the Bay of Bengal. They welcome the rain in the monsoon season. The Ganges is very large.

We were wondering...

Have you ever visited any of these places?
Which place would you like to visit?

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