Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brain Breaks with Go Noodle

We've been learning that our brain needs to take breaks in order to work it's best.  Brain breaks can be many different things from moving, to turning and discussing something with a neighbor or even something as simple as breathing.  If you want to learn more about what brain breaks are and why they are important, click here.  Our teacher learned about a website with lots of different movement activities, called Go Noodle.  Now, doing these brain break activities is our favourite part of the day!

One of the first things we had to do is choose our Classroom Champ.  The choices are:
Photo Credit: Teach It With Class
Then it was time to start moving!  One of the choices is to do track and field events -- yes, in the classroom!  In each event, an Olympic athlete tells us about the event and helps us warm up.  Here's a video of us warming up for the high jump:
Then it's time to do the event!  Here we are doing it with the Olympic athlete:
Another one of our favourite activities is to dance!  We can choose different Zumba dances.  Check this one out:
We also enjoy doing activities with Maximo. 
Photo Credit: EduKate & Inspire
He leads us through stretching and yoga type exercises.  Some of them are really hard!
After all of that movement, we need to settle and refocus.  Airtime helps us do that.  In this video, you can see us doing the breathing exercises with Airtime:
Probably the best part of all, is that with every activity, we earn minutes.  Here you can see what our Classroom Champ looks like today:

When our minutes reach the top, our Classroom Champ has to go to the "Transmogrifier", where he transforms.  It's so exciting to see how he changes!  Once our Champ has gone through all 5 levels, we receive a certificate that our teacher prints off and puts up in our classroom.  Here's our most recent certificate:
Some of the students in our class have even signed up for their own free account so they can do these activities at home on their own!  There are so many awesome things about these brain breaks!

We were wondering...

Have you used Go Noodle before?
What types of other brain breaks do you use?  (Adults--you need brain breaks too...what do you use?)


  1. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing. We are happy to have you brain-breaking with us! Keep it up. Cheers, the GoNoodle team

    1. Thank you Go Noodle team for leaving us a comment! We are very happy that you made Go Noodle. We love your mascots -- they go from cute to muscular. Maximo is very fun for us. Our class loves Zumba. One suggestion we have to make it even better, is to try and make it a race or competition between classes. Another suggestion we have, is to add things like different clothes to your mascot when you complete a level. Thanks again for creating such wonderful, awesome, amazing brain breaks for kids!
      Mrs. Braybrook's Grade 3C Party Wolves

  2. Hi Everyone!
    My name's Miss C, I'm a teacher from Goolwa Primary School, Australia!
    My class is just starting their own blog, and we're looking at all the other blogs around the world... We stumbled upon yours when we were looking up Genius Hour (Something we're doing next term).
    Take a moment to check out our website (We're only just starting it up) and we will keep in touch with you.
    Miss C


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