Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Under the Big Top

Every June, our kindergarten to grade 4 students get to participate is a super, fun day.  Usually in the past, it's had a western theme, but this year it was changed to a circus theme, called "Under the Big Top".  Parents and grade 5 and 6 students run stations that we get to participate in.  This year there was everything from carnival type games to circus equipment to use to facepainting to a clown show.  We got to go the different stations and complete the activities.  We got our special card punched for each station that we completed and when we completed 20 stations, we could enter a draw for a prize.  The weather turned out beautiful for this event and everyone had a ton of fun.  We even got to have a picnic in our field.

These pictures will show you some of us having fun with the stations!

 Enjoying lunch together in the sun!

 "Pitch Burst"
We threw bean bags at the target and if we hit it,
the water balloon was popped,
soaking a grade 6 student!
 The face painting station was always very busy!
 The circus equipment really challenged us!

We were wondering...

What special event days do you have at your school?  (Or if you're an adult...what special event days do you remember from your school days?)
How do you celebrate the end of another school year?

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