Monday, October 14, 2013

Rock Walk

Our first unit in science is on rocks and minerals.  We've been learning about the different properties of rocks that scientists look at. 

They are:
1.  Color
2.  Streak color
3.  Lustre
4.  Texture
5.  Hardness

We did hardness tests on some sample rocks, using Moh's hardness scale.  We also have done streak color tests. 

Everyone really wanted to bring in rocks and some of our classmates already have.  Last Monday was a beautiful, warm fall day, so our class went for a "rock walk" down by the river to collect some rock samples. 

It was set up like a scavenger hunt and we had to look for certain rocks.  Here was our list:

Rocks that were shiny and glassy were the hardest ones to find.  We don't think that there are a lot of those types of rocks in our community.  Here you can see some of the samples we collected...

 Wait a minute...that's not a rock!

Now that we all have our rock collections, we are ready to analyze them like geologists do!

We were wondering...

What do you know about rocks and minerals?
Where would you go on a rock walk in your community?
What types of rocks do you think you would find?

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