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Aesop's Fables -- Part 3 (the last!)

Here are the last of our fables!  We hope you have enjoyed them and would love to hear your thoughts in a comment!

Story #1 -- Angus
Once upon a time, one afternoon on a farm, there lived a cow and a pig.  Flowers grew, fresh trees swayed and bees buzzed all day long.  Furry mice were looking for food.  Scaly snakes were slithering in the grassy field.  Wind whooshed through the grass and the birds chirped from the trees.  The wind rustled the grass.

A pig came to a cow and tricked the cow into playing tag.  The pig hid from the cow so he would not be it and the pig laughed. 

The next day, the cow tricked the pig into playing tag and then hid so he would not be it.  The cow came out and said, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Story #2 -- Ava
One sunny summer day, a cheetah was racing.  A buffalo was nibbling green grass on the savanna.  There was a sweet smell of flowers and the vile smell of poop.  The air and the sandy ground was dry.  Five water holes had sharks in them and if you went in it, you would get eaten alive.

So the buffalo went to get a drink of water and got bitten.  The cheetah won a race against a mouse.  They always attack by punching and kicking.  “You are so inconsiderate!” yelled the buffalo.  But no one could hear him because an elephant was throwing a temper tantrum and stomping.

Birds were tweeting and tigers were roaring.  Only one soul could hear him – the cheetah.  “No, you are,” shouted cheetah.  So they kept arguing.  So they had a race.

“From one end to the other of the savanna!” roared cheetah.  Mouse started the race by waving the flag.  Cheetah was ahead by a mile.  Buffalo was trying his best to catch up.  Cheetah saw that the buffalo was far behind so he decided to take a nap under a tree.  While he was napping very quietly, the buffalo passed the cheetah. 

Snap!  The sound of a stick breaking when the buffalo stepped on it, woke the cheetah up.  Cheetah ran as fast as he could to try to catch up.  But the buffalo won the race anyways.  Cheetah went home sulking and had learned – you may always be fast, but not always win.

Story #3 -- Averill
One summer day in the woods, a mouse was gathering food for winter.  Birds were chirping from the sky.  Whoosh!  The wind was blowing through the clouds.  Trees were swaying in the wind. 

The mouse was grabbing anything he could find.  But a rat was doing the opposite.  He was only grabbing the big crumbs for half of the day.  For the rest of the day, he was having a snooze.  But the mouse kept working all day long.

Finally, the mouse talked to the rat.  “Excuse me, rat.  Sorry to interrupt, but why not pick the small crumbs?”

The rat answered, “Well, I just think that small totally sucks!”

The mouse announced, “OK, well, I’m going to carry on now.”  By the end of the day, the mouse was pooped but the rat was wide awake.  It took a little while until the rat went to sleep.

The next morning, the rat kept picking the small ones.  That winter, the rat ate and ate all of his food in one hour.  His tummy was full and aching.  So he decided to take a nap.

When he woke up, he went to the mouse’s house.  He begged and begged for food.  The mouse finally said yes.  He gave the rat a piece of food.

He said…”Next summer, you will grab when you can find.”  And so he did.

Story #4 -- Brooke
One morning in the ocean waves, there was fish swimming in the salt water.  Blub, blub, blub!  They were swimming through the coral.  There was also a large, might shark.  Beautiful sun waved off the water. 

As the fish passed by, the shark yelled, “I’m the fastest shark in the whole wide world!”

One fish said, “I know someone who can beat you, me!”

“Ha, ha!” laughed the shark, “You can’t beat me, ha ha!”

The fish said back, “Let’s do a race.”  They decided to start that day, in the ocean, of course. 

“Ready, set, go!” said the squid.  The shark saw a big bumpy rock and took a little nap.  He felt dirty sand.  But he felt the white, salt water.  But he also felt someone pass by.  But it wasn’t a joke.  He saw the seaweed swish.  But he also saw the fish go by.

Remember slow and steady wins the race.

Story #5 -- Hunter
One sunny day, far by a lake, where the ground was dry, lived a cool pig and a fast bird.  Chirp, chirp!  Birds sang a beautiful song by the lake.  The small waves on the lake flowed onto the beach.  All of the animals could smell the stale air.  Lunch was over and the bird and pig were starting to play.

The bird loved to fly and the pig wanted to fly too.  But he enjoyed sleeping.  The pig, who loved to swim, was an amazing swimmer.  The bird was bragging about how fast he was.  The pig did not like that so he asked him to a race.  The bird liked that idea so he did it.

The next day, they started the race.  The bird flew like crazy.  Then he got tired so he had a nap.  But the pig moved slowly.  Soon, he stepped over the bird.  As he moved to the finish line, the bird woke up, but it was too late.  The pig won.

So remember…slow and steady wins the race.

Story #6 -- Kevin
One evening, in the jungle, the sweet smell of the flowers filled the air.  Coconuts fell from the skinny, sticky trees.  Swoosh!  The wind started to whistle.

There was a picky monkey hanging on a tree.  The tree was full of syrup so the monkey was sticky.  So the monkey started wiggling and wobbling.  The tried everything but he did not try screaming.  So he did and a nice old lion pounced out of the long grass below the monkey. 

The monkey was so scared but all the lion wanted to ask is if the monkey wanted to play with him.  The monkey said, “No.” 

So the lion quietly said “OK,” and left.  So the lion went to go find a new friend.  While he was walking, he heard a noise coming from a hole just straight ahead.  So he started to run as fast as he could run.  He finally got there and it was just the monkey and the monkey wanted to say sorry for being so picky.

“I hope you could forgive me,” said the monkey. 

The lion said, “Yes, I will forgive you.”  The monkey realized that he should treat others the way he wanted to be treated.

Story #7 -- Orion
Whish, woosh!  Dragon’s lake is filled with little waves at the big, ferocious dragon’s den, which is a castle.  The vile smell of rotten meat filled the dragon’s den.  Inside, bones covered the ground.  There was not a bare spot on the ground.  A crackling fireplace was in the living room.

So the dragon invited the t-rex to dragon’s den for supper.  But it was winter and it was zero degrees Celsius outside so Mrs. Rex couldn’t go to dragon’s castle.  So dragon had to soar to t-rex’s cave to get her.  But it is too nippy out, so dragon couldn’t get her.  So Mrs. Rex had to come another day.

Five days later, it was snowy out and not zero degrees Celsius.  But this day, it is plus three out.  So Mrs. Rex could come to dragon’s den.  They had lots of food!  It is also summer.  But dragon could hardly stop staring at all of the scrumptious food.

Mrs. Rex noticed that dragon loves rotten meat to eat.  Dragon also loves the smell of it.  When he walked by Mrs. Rex, he spilled water on her and it was on purpose.  So Mrs. Rex left to her cave.

Now she invited dragon to her cave so she could get dragon back for spilling water in her.  This time, there was not much food on the table.  In a while, dragon arrived.  They started to eat.  But this time, Mrs. Rex had food in her hand and got food on dragon.  Then he noticed something so dragon said sorry to apologize to Mrs. Rex.  So she said, “Sorry.”  Then both of them started to be nice.

The moral of the story: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Story #8 -- Summer
In a jungle, there was a small rat and a colossal monkey by a banana tree.  Tweet, tweet!  Birds were singing by a big tree.  Sweet smelling flowers were blooming out of the damp ground.  Vines were swinging between the trees.  By the trees, the monkey was trying to pick some bananas when he got caught in a net.

A little rat came walking along and saw a monkey trapped in a large, thick net.  The monkey started to cry so the rat helped the monkey.  The rat helped him by starting to chew through the thick net.  All day and all night, until the rat’s teeth couldn’t chew any more, he worked at that net.

The monkey was free at last.  The monkey replied, “Thank you for helping me”.

The rat replied back, “You’re welcome, monkey.”

The monkey insisted, “I will help you next time.  If you need any help, any time, just ask.”

One good turn deserves another.

And there you have it...all of our fables! 

If you were to write a fable, what characters would you choose? 
What moral would they learn?

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