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Aesop's Fables -- Part 2

As promised, here is the next installment of our versions of Aesop's fables!

Story #1 -- by Brady
One sunny day, a kangaroo and an ostrich were walking in Australia at 9:30 in the morning.  Cactuses were standing in the middle of nowhere.  Swish!  The wind blew all around making the dust fly everywhere.  The dry land had straight and swervy cracks running all through it.

They saw a person.  They had a race to the person and dust was behind them.  The person ran away. 

One of the animals took a short cut through the cactuses.  Then the kangaroo jumped over the cactus and the ostrich couldn’t go in front of the kangaroo.

Story #2 -- by Dominik
Late, one Monday night, there lived a pink pig and a green dragon in a zoo.  The pig heard people dancing to the radio.  The dragon felt smooth bars.  The pig felt nothing but the pig did smell burnt roasted hot dogs.  But did he hear something?  Yes, he did hear people cheering madly for the pig and the dragon.

Later, the dragon smelled a hot dog and the pig was sleeping peacefully.  The dragon crept to see if the pig was sleeping.  What did he see?  He saw the pig was a balloon pig and he jumped on the dragon.  He learned to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Story #3 -- by Jordin
Deep in the country around Sundre, there was a huge puddle with pink and purple flowers in the green grass.  Swish!  Wind blew the trees.  Trees swayed back and forth.  Tip-toe, tip-toe.  The mouse was shuffling to find good food.

Suddenly, a wolf appeared where the mouse was.  The wolf was hunting for food for tomorrow.  He snapped the mouse with his soft paws.  The mouse cried, “Please, don’t eat me.  I don’t taste that good.”

“Well, I just ate, so I’ll let you go.  But if I catch you again, you will get eaten,” the wolf said.  The wolf and the mouse went back home.

Then the white, shiny moon glowed and the wolf started to howl.  “Sssshhhh,” the mouse said loudly.  But nobody noticed. 

She yelled even louder, “SSSHHH.”  But still nobody noticed.

She said the loudest she could, “SSSHHHH.”  But nobody noticed still.

Clappp!  Ping!  Pow!  The wolf got caught in the thick rope.  The mouse heard a howl asking for help.  Now the mouse raced to where the wolf was and started nibbling.  Finally, he was out of the rope and they lived happily ever after.

One good turn deserves another.

Story #4 -- by Kaiden
One sunny morning, a chocolate lab was just waking up from his nap.  From the porch, the dog saw trees waving, birds flying in the windy sky and kids playing in their backyard tree house.  Chirp, chirp!  Birds were singing from the top of the kids’ tree house.

A cat snuck up on the dog and then the mean cat leapt up high on the dog.  The dog just about had a heart attack.  They raced in the house and starting fighting. 

Their claws were out and they were like a hair ball fighting.  Finally, they raced out the front door and into the forest.

Now, they looked at each other and walked two different ways.  The dog went south and the cat went north.  Soon, the cat started to get too cold and the dog was getting too hot.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Blueberry was just unlocking the door to the house.  They both met right back where they were.  They both walked home and Mrs. Blueberry was very disappointed at the cat and dog.

Don’t fight if you don’t have to.

Story #5 -- by Koby
One breezy winter night in 1936, there was a snow leopard and a monkey pushing through the very deep snow.  The leopard heard a chirp, chirp.  Roar!  The monkey heard a bear and it sounded close.  The leopard smelled the fresh sap running down the rustling trees.  Snow was falling from the sky and covering the ground.  On the mountain, the monkey saw a lot of rustling trees.

The monkey and the snow leopard kept on going.  The leopard said, “Can we have a break?” 

The monkey said, “Yes.  We should get some sleep.”

The next morning, the snow leopard got up and got some food.  When the snow leopard got back, the monkey was up.  He was starving.  The monkey said, “Let’s eat.”

When they were done their breakfast, the snow leopard said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

The monkey said, “All right, let’s go.”  The snow leopard ran off and there was a trap hanging from one rustling tree.  The leopard gave out a big growl.  The monkey heard the big growl.  The monkey rushed to see what was all the fuss.

The snow leopard had a big net on top of him.  The monkey had an idea.  The monkey grabbed his tail and untied the knot.  There was another trap.  It was on another rustling tree.  The monkey walked right into the trap.  Wham!  The monkey was trapped.

The leopard heard the bang.  He ran as fast as he could.  He saw that the monkey was trapped.  He got his claws out and cut the rope clean off.

The moral of the story:  One good turn deserves another.

Story #6 -- by Logan
Once there was a skilled snow leopard and a big grizzly bear on a winter’s chilly day.  On Mount Everest, in a small wooden cabin food is scarce, very scarce.  Close by the cabin, there were maple trees dripping sap.  Snow was falling on the cabin roof, covering it like a blanket.  You would usually hear crickets chirp at night when the snow leopard likes to hunt.

The grizzly bear likes to hunt in the morning.  They are usually pretty competitive against each other.  But when they are done hunting, they are best friends. 

But one cold day, the grizzly bear got very sick and forgot all about the snow leopard and got super mad and yelled, “I am better than you and I can beat you at anything!  I challenge you to a hunting contest.  Whoever catches the fanciest animal wins.”

So they set off, each in their own way.  Right off the start, the snow leopard found a goat.  He thought this should be good enough, caught it, dragged it to the top of the mountain and waited patiently.

But back on the other side of the mountain, the grizzly bear was still searching and was starving and died.

Don’t be too choosy.

Story #7 -- by Quintin
One cold, wintery day, there was a boy and a cat.  Every day, they could smell fresh cookies all through the house.  Tick, tick, tick.  The timer on the oven was counting down until the cookies would be done.  The fluffy cat and small boy could hear the cool breeze swishing through the window. 

Every time the cat could smell the cookies, he fell on the floor.  But after a while, he would wake up.  In the afternoon, they didn’t smell the chocolate cookies so they ran outside to see what was happening. 

The cook had a heart attack so they went to the hospital.  The doctor said sadly, “You have lost a member.” 

The boy cried, “Nooo!”  All the days after that, the boy and the cat couldn’t smell a thing.

Story #8 -- by Trystan
Near the shoreline of the sea, there lived one scary crocodile and a hungry shark.  Waves rumbled and the jungle’s trees swayed.  Birds were chirping to the sound of the waves.

Shark and crocodile swam quickly out to sea.  They looked back and the land was nowhere to be seen.  They swam to find out what they were going to do.

“Let’s swim back the way we came,” said shark.  Crocodile didn’t agree with shark.  Crocodile thought that shark was trying to trick him.  Crocodile decided to trick shark.  Crocodile tricked shark into going the wrong way.

The next day, shark returned home but crocodile didn’t.

Story #9 -- by Zoe
Deep in the jungle, where the breeze whistled and the dirt was damp, there lived a squirrel and a gorilla.  You could smell the fresh nectar dripping from the trees.  The warm grass grew tall.  Thousands of birds peeped nearby.

Not so far away, lived the gorilla who was reading quietly and softly.  Mr. Squirrel lived by the whistling trees, in a hollow, giant tree. 

Mr. Squirrel had no sports.  But gorilla did!  Mr. Squirrel always teased gorilla about him reading.  He did not like it.  Gorilla could not stand anymore of that pesky squirrel.

So he stood up for himself and said to Mr. Squirrel very loudly, “I like reading and you should try it.”

“OK, I will,” said Mr. Squirrel.  So he did and he liked it.  So he apologized to gorilla.  Every Sunday, they read all afternoon.

And that's it for now folks...look for the rest of them to be posted later this week!  Happy reading!

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