Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aesop's Fables -- Part 1

Through December and the first part of January, we learned about Aesop's fables.  They are short stories that teach a lesson (also called a moral) and usually have animals for their main characters.  We had fun reading different versions of Fox and the Stork, Lion and the Mouse and Tortoise and the Hare.  We also got to try acting out the stories, once we knew them well.

Now we have been working on writing our own versions of Aesop's fables.  Some of us chose a moral that Aesop wrote about, while others made up their own moral.  We hope you like our versions of Aesop's fables!

Story #1 by Anthony -- The Monkey and The Bear
 One night in the tall tree woods, it was raining.  Crackle!  Lightning struck by the tree that the monkey lived in.  Trees rustled through the storm.  Huge and tiny puddles were being formed by all of the rain.  Wandering through the forest, the bear was searching for a friend.

When the first lightning struck, a bear popped out.  The cried, “Aaaaa!”  So the monkey hurried.

The monkey was still running.  Bear was almost catching up.  He just caught monkey.  Bear asked monkey if he could be his friend. 

“You are a monster!  No!  I’m not,” he replied.

Story #2 by Colten
One Friday, there was a lion.  In the forest, he found an annoying monkey.  He noticed he was in a jungle by a river.  In the trees, bananas were moving from the wind.  Splish!  Trees rubbed against other trees.

The monkey saw him and limbed over to him.  He asked, “Do you want to explore around the jungle?”

So they did and on the way, he saw a pirate.  After a while, the lion said, “Do you want to see my place?”

So he said, “Yes.”  While he was there, he saw a baby monkey.  She went to get the monkey.  When she got the monkey, she turned around and he was gone.  The lion noticed that she was gone.

Story #3 by Cooper
 Once there was a unicorn and dragon.  They lived in the sky in the summer of 1964.  There were clouds flying and birds going chirp, chirp.  Vroom!  Noisily, the chainsaws were cutting wood.  The nice unicorn was hiding from the vicious dragon.  The sky smelled like candy.  Clouds were soggy because they were holding so much water.

The unicorn gathered any food she could see.  The dragon only gathered an apple that lasted for one day, if not all is lost.  The dragon didn’t like anything else to eat.  If he ate anything else, he yelled…”blath!”

So in the fall, he barely had anything to eat.  In a month, he almost starved.  But the unicorn saw him suffering.  She used her magical horn to save him and let him try a new kind of food.  The unicorn told him, “Don’t be picky.”

Story #4 by Ethan
Once there was a boy and his job was to take care of lambs.  Trees were waving in the woods.  Roar!  Bears were calling other bears because they found food.  Chirping birds were going everywhere to find sticks for their nest.  A warm breeze made every single tree wave.

On a Sunday afternoon, a wolf appeared but the boy saw the wolf!  But before the boy warned the people, the wolf started to talk.  The wolf insisted, “I will watch the lambs for you,” and the boy trusted him.

So the boy zoomed to his town and started to play.  The wolf was sitting on the mountain and started to terrorize the lambs.  He chased them so long, that all of the lambs fell to the ground. 

The wolf dashed away and the boy came up with his boss and got fired.  Don’t trust a wolf, even if you want to.

Story #5 by Kira
One June morning, on unicorn’s 9th birthday, monkey had a surprise for unicorn.  Chirp, chirp!  Birds were singing and soaring in the clouds.  Fresh flowers were in front of their house.  The sun was shining on their house.  They walked through their house on the fluffy floors to get stuffies. 

But unicorn was scared of heights.  So was monkey.  Monkey was going bungee jumping in the clouds.  A whole bunch of kids were coming and monkey was sad.

One day, unicorn went into the clouds and unicorn was floating.  The unicorn called monkey over to play in the clouds.

On unicorn’s birthday, monkey wanted it to be her birthday, but is was in July.  Monkey was crying sadly.  One day, it was monkey’s birthday!  So unicorn bought a statue of monkey.  She was so happy.  It was a playing statue so they could play on it.  So if people want to play on it, it would cost one dollar per person.  A whole lot of people went on it and monkey went on it.  It was time to go to bed.

Story #6 by Raegan
One pretty fall day in B.C., in the beautiful forest, flowers bloomed.  In the trees, birds chirped.  A fat, fluffy bear and a cute, sweet deer lived close to a pond.  Crash!  They bumped into each other as they were walking in the forest.  “OW!” they both screamed.  That’s how they became enemies.

The deer ran home.  She was so mad at the bear for purposely bumping into her.  The bear roared as loud as he could.  The enemies were fierce.  They never wanted to see each other ever again. 

After three months, the bear sent a letter to deer because he felt so bad.  “Oh, I think I will go and get my mail,” she said.  So she did.  She opened her mailbox and saw a letter from bear.  She opened it at her house. 

It said, “I’m sorry for bumping into you.  Would you like to come to my house?”  The next day, she went to bear’s house and knocked.  Bear opened the door and they talked for a really long time. 

Finally, it was dinner time.  “Why don’t you come into the kitchen?” asked bear. 

“OK,” deer replied, as bear ate her.

Story #7 by Scott
Once, high up on a mountain full of trees, there were birds signing.  Water splashed at the bottom of the waterfall.  A picky kangaroo was looking for a friend to play with.  While he was walking, he found a beautiful waterfall.  Kangaroo saw a goldfish, who was also looking for someone to play with.

The fish asked if kangaroo wanted to play.  Kangaroo said, “No, you are too wet.”

“OK,” said fish.  Kangaroo hopped to the mud pond where he came upon a pig. 

Pig said, “Do you want to play?”

Kangaroo said, “No, too muddy.”

“OK,” said pig, “but if you are too picky, you will never find any friends.

“I don’t think so,” said kangaroo.  By the next day, he had searched the whole entire forest and did not find one friend.

Kangaroo said, “I guess pig was right.”  So he scurried to the pig and the fish and said sorry.  From then on, kangaroo was not picky at all.

Look for more of our Aesop's fables to be posted soon!


  1. I love your stories everyone! I am very impressed with the work you all did, I can tell that you must have spent a lot of time on them. My favorite thing about them are the onomatopoetic words that you used in your writing. I also like stories with dialogue, so I am impressed that some stories had that, too.

    I teach third graders, and I am REALLY impressed with your high quality work. Well done!

    1. Hello Planetsmith,
      Thanks for your comment that you liked reading our fables. It's cool that you teach third grade, just like our teacher. We're learning to add onomatopoetic words and dialogue to our stories to make them more interesting. We'd love to read some of your third graders' work sometime. Do you have a classroom blog? If not, maybe we could try Skyping?
      Braybrook's Wolf Pack


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