Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reader's Workshop

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working on becoming better readers and that means different things for different people.  Our teacher has been learning about something called the "Daily 5" and "CAFE" and we are trying some of these ideas in our classroom.  She says that because we aren't doing it exactly like we're supposed to, we'll call our reading time "Reader's Workshop".  During our Reader's Workshop, we get to choose between 4 different activities--read to self, read to someone, listen to reading or word work.
Here are some of our classmates doing "read to self..."

Here are some of our classmates doing "read to someone..."

We use our classroom laptops and our Raz-Kids account when we do "listen to reading"...

And there are lots of fun activities (including the iPad!) we can choose from when we practice our spelling words during "word work"...

The "CAFE" part helps us to learn and practice new reading strategies so we become better readers. 
We've learned that the...
C stands for "comprehension"--Do we understand what we've read?
A stands for "accuracy"--Can we figure out what the words are?
F stands for "fluency"--Can we read smoothly and with expression?  No robot reading!
E stands for "expand vocabulary"--Can we use new words and know what they mean?
When our teacher reads stories to us, we learn about different strategies we can use for each of these skills.  During Reader's Workshop, she works with us one-on-one.  She listens to us read and talks with us about our goals and strategies for becoming a better reader.  Then, it's our job to practice using those strategies when we do Reader's Workshop.

We were wondering...

Do you use Daily 5 or CAFE in your classroom?
How do you work on being a better reader?

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