Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not a Box Genius Hour Finale!

After all of our hard work with our "Not a Box" genius hour, we were so excited to share all that we had learned and accomplished.  We did some reflecting and writing about our project...both on our own and as a group. 

One of the questions we answered as a group was -- "How does your project make the world 'awesomer'?"  Here are some of our answers...
-using our imaginations to help people have fun
-travel to new and unknown lands
-playing with it
-it's cool and fun
-by helping people
-for the world to be funner
-showing the world foster homes
-by letting us play

One of the other questions was about what was hard for us.  Many of us agreed that "collaboration" was so hard!  To fix this, we thought we could make sure we listened, shared ideas and worked together.

During our student led conferences, we shared our projects with our parents.  We also got the chance to share with other students.  Our teacher invited kindergarten to grade 4 classes to come and see our projects last week.  It was very overwhelming to have so many kids to talk to at the same time!  We explained our projects and they asked us some great questions.

Here are some pictures from our "not a box genius hour" showcase with the students...

We were wondering...

How do you share your learning?

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