Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not a Box Genius Hour -- Week 2

After last week's Not a Box genius hour time, we were excited for what was coming this week!

Day 1
When looking for activities to go with the "Not a Box" book, our teacher did some searching in the internet.  She found a website that talked about doing yoga as one of the activities.  Now, our teacher told us that she knows nothing about yoga and has never even tried it herself.  So she decided to talk to a friend of hers that teaches yoga.  Isabelle agreed to come in and teach us some yoga poses, based on the book. 

We started by lighting some candles, turning the lights off and focusing on our breathing.

Next, about half of our class was given cards with different poses on them.  They showed us the pose and we made suggestions about what we thought each pose looked like.  Then, we got to try the pose ourselves.

Here's a video of us doing the warrior pose.

Next, came the "mountain"...just like the bunny in the book did!

We loved doing the "elephant" pose!


Here are a few more we tried.  What do the poses look like to you?

The airplane pose was tricky!  You had to have really good balance.

But, our favourite was the lion.  Here us roar!

To end our yoga session, we just laid quietly on the floor, trying to clear our mind and stay as still as we could.  It was harder than you might think!

Thanks Isabelle!  What an awesome experience!

Day 2
Today we finally got to touch a box!  Yay!  We started the class with our teacher showing us a flattened box.  We worked in groups of about 4 kids and she challenged us to build it as quickly as we could.

Then we got to play Charades in our small group.  In Charades you act out something, without talking and then others have to guess what you are doing.  For our game of Charades, we had to include the box in some way.  Mrs. Cooper-Shand showed us how it's done.  Can you figure out what she is doing?

Here we are giving it a try...what are we doing?  How are we using the box?

Here's a video of one of our groups doing charades:

To end this "Not a Box" lesson, our teacher shared the video of Caine's Arcade with us.
We were amazed at what Caine created and how, with a little help from a friend and social media, he was able to share his genius with so many people. 

Here are some of our thoughts about this video:
Oops...the last l in cool got erased! :-(

We are now so excited to see what cool things we (3C) can create with a little collaboration!

We were wondering...

Have you tried yoga?
Have you played Charades?
What did you think about the Caine's Arcade video?


  1. Oh, my! It sounds like your class is having TONS of FUN with the "not a box" idea! We have a class of 7th graders in IL who also watched and were inspired by Caine's Arcade. Here is a link to our movie we made of our day: I hope you keep sharing your learning via this blog. Thank you!

  2. I like the yoga class because it is fun and relaxing. How do you get relaxt?


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