Sunday, December 8, 2013

Marvelous Mathletics

Mathletics Crest 1

We love using Mathletics to practice our math skills.  Sometimes we go to the computer lab so that we can all use Mathletics at the same time and some of us are even using Mathletics at home.

Our teacher will assign us activities to help us practice the skills we are learning in class and then we can choose activities we want.  Our favourite though, is Live Mathletics--when we can challenge students from our class or around the world to practice basic facts.

Mathletics Digital Badge Bronze
 Some of our classmates have already earned bronze medals for their work with this program. 
They are:
Alexa = 1 bronze medal
Logan = 2 bronze medals
Hayden = 1 bronze medal
Mavry = 1 bronze medal
Ava = 1 bronze medal
Tristan = 1 bronze medal
Makayla = 3 bronze medals
Asher = 2 bronze medals
Taya = 1 bronze medal

We are so excited for our classmates and look forward to continuing to work with this program!

We were wondering...

Do you use Mathletics in your school?
What websites do you use to practice your math skills?

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