Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun

Halloween has come and gone and all that is left is candy waiting to be eaten! 

All week we had been looking at some Wonderopolis wonders.  We checked out...
     ~ What is a Jack O' Lantern?
     ~ What's Your Favourite Halloween Costume?
     ~ Why Do You Say "Trick or Treat"?

For the morning we did other Halloween related activities. 

Our spelling activity had us taking the word "HALLOWEEN" and trying to make other words using those letters.  Some of the words we found included: new, hello, wall, when, whale, low, we and now.

In math, we've been working on writing equations with an unknown to solve problems.  We were given some problems involving Halloween situations.  We worked on them by ourselves to start with.  We were able to use tools, such as a number line or bread ties, to help us.  After we were done, instead of marking them, our teacher had us work with a partner to check our answers.  If we didn't have the same answer, we talked about how we came up with our answer and tried to figure out who was right.

This student was even able to write the whole fact family for each!

In the afternoon, we were FINALLY allowed to change into our costumes. Here we are...

We got to attend the Kindergarten to Grade 3 costume parade.  It was so awesome to see everyone's costumes!  We then ended our assembly by dancing to a couple of songs.  Our favourite was "Calling All the Monsters". 

What a wonderful day!

We were wondering...

How did you celebrate Halloween in your school or classroom?
What did you dress up as?

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