Friday, April 12, 2013

Sharing Our Learning Using Topographical Maps

Our class finished learning about the geography of Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India.  As a final project, we worked with a parter to create a topographical map (using clay) of one of the countries, research information on a geographic feature from that country and then write a paragraph about it.  To research, we used the encyclopedias in the library and the internet.  Was it ever hard to find information in an encyclopedia! 

Here are our completed projects:

 The Thar Desert is in northern India . A small amount of people live there. People raise sheep where there is enough water. The Thar desert can be called the Great Indian Desert. You should visit this place.

 The steppe region is found Ukraine .Steppes are found in dry areas. Covered in short grasses. Climates are humid. Summers are 4 to 6 months. July temperatures = to (21 to23 degrees Celsius.)

 The Amazon Rainforest is found in Peru.
There are 2 and a half million different insects.
The Amazon rainforest is the largest rain forest in the world.
20% of the world’s oxygen is made in this area.
2 700 million acres of rainforest are burned each year.
By the year 2012 would destroy around 75% of the amazon.
It would be the best place to visit.

 The  Thar Desert is in the north west part of India.
The Thar Desert is also calld the indian desert.
They get 500 mm of rain.
The Thar Desert is the 18th largest desert in the world.
Fun fact the Thar Desert covers 74 000 square miles of india.
The Thar Desert would be a great place to viset.

The  Himalayan Mountains are  found  in Northern India.
 The Mountains  stretch across India  1,500  miles long.Also  the    Himalayan  Mountains are 50 million years old. Some  think thgod’s thrones rest on top. We  think  you should   visit them.

 The Sahara Desert is in the north part of Tunisia.
They are 9 million square kilometers.
An oasis village of the Sahara lies at foot of a huge sand dune.
Mountains   of  Sahara is the rocky plains and  high flatlands.
North Africa are Sahara Desert.
Its 9 mills long.

 The Carpathian Mountains are found in Ukraine.
The Carpathian Mountains are forming an arc roughly 1,500 km long. Running across central and Eastern Europe. Making it the second-longest mountain ranges in Europe.They provide the habitat for bears,wolves,chamois and lynxes.The Carpathian mountains would be a great place to go.

 The  Thar Desert  is found  in Indan  it  is also  called the  Inaian Desert. It covers 74,000  square miles.It is 4000 to  10,000 years old. The tempter is 24 degrees celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. There is about 23 species of  lizards and and 25 species of snakes.

  The  Steppe Regions  are  found  in  southern  Ukraine.
The  steppes  are  found  on the Carpathian  mountains  where  it  is  very  hot  and  dry.
Tempters are  in  Ukraine  are  from  20c  in the  north,  20c  in  the  south.
Most  steppes  re  trace  an  average  of  rain  a  year   of   ten  or  twenty Inches.
The  Heat  resources   in  Ukraine  are  20c It  would  be  great  to  go  to  the  steppe   region. 

 The Sahara Desert is in Tunisia. It is the biggest desert in the world.  It covers 3 and a half square miles.  Sahara Desert is the greatest desert.
It is by the Atlantic Ocean.  It has been there since the last ice age.  It covers 3,500,000 square miles.  It is the hottest desert in the world.  It has some of the tallest sand dunes.  It would be a cool place to visit.

The Sahara Desert Is the largest desert in the world. The desert is in Tunisia.
It is 3 million square miles long.
It’s also the first hottest desert in the world. 2 million people live there. I wish that I can go there.


The Atlas Mountains is a mountain range found in Tunisia.
Atlas Mountains run across northern Africa.
The Atlas Mountains is mild and rainy and is covered with forests.

Any thoughts you'd like to share with us?

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